G.I.G.S. - "Gary's Indoor Garden Supply"  is the perfect destination for folks who fancy growing their own edible and beneficial plants indoors, be it hydroponics, or other growing mediums. The only sure way to know what's in the plants we consume is to have complete control of the process from seed to consumption.

Anyone can do it.

What is indoor gardening?

Indoor gardening is the act of growing within an enclosed space, whether it be a house, an apartment, an office building, or a restaurant.

Why garden indoors?

In today's world, there is a concern for what how we take care of our bodies and minds.  Indoor gardening provides knowledge of what goes into your body.

What can I grow indoors?

You’ll find success growing beneficial plants and herbs such as leafy greens, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, basil, chamomile, cilantro, and MUCH more.

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https://www.rxleaf.com/post/12425/heed-my-warning-canada-the-perils-of-the-indoor-grow. Great read here. Every grow space needs the key controllable components. Temperature, fresh air in, exhaust air out, room air circulation, humidity, lighting... all adjusted to conditions, time of day and plant’s state of maturity.

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OK let's start the "coming out" process shall we? Cannabis cultivation is illegal in NYS. That's about to change. It's very likely that it WILL be legal to grow your own cannabis within the next 6 months! We just don't know what the allowable plant count will be yet. Want to know more? Want to begin the process of designing and outfitting your grow space? Want your hard work and expense to yield a robust, potent bounty? Come to GIGS. Let's talk. Let's get ready to get growing!

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