Current PromotionWe are fully stocked for all your indoor gardening needs.Hydroponic systems from tabletop to room size.Our "Wall of Nutrients"We carry all the nutrients you need.An assortment of lights and indoor growing systems.Lights, filters, etc."Water Farms” by General Hydroponics in stock.G.I.G.S. is your source for all things indoor gardening related.Produce the healthiest, nutrient dense greens for you and your family.Gary’s Indoor Garden Supply - "because indoor gardening GROWS on you!"

G.I.G.S. - "Gary's Indoor Garden Supply" is located inside Gary's Music Store in Rome NY. This "store inside a store" is the perfect destination for folks who fancy growing their own edible and beneficial plants indoors, be it hydroponics, or other growing mediums. The only sure way to know what's in the plants we consume is to have complete control of the process from seed to consumption.

Anyone can do it. 

Some maintain a small table top unit with built in lighting and nutrient delivery for herbs & spices while others may want to outfit a closet, a bay window, or a whole room for more robust vegetation. We carry everything you'll need. Propagation supplies, all sizes hydroponic systems, lighting, nutrients, stimulants, Ph adjustment, air circulation, odor control, timers, growing medium, containers and much more. 

Come have a look. Ask questions or talk about your own garden. That's how we all learn. It's just a "department" inside the music store. 

Easy on street parking. All C-cards and cash accepted.

Odd as I am sure it will appear to some, I can think of no better form of personal involvement in the cure of the environment than that of gardening. A person who is growing a garden, if he is growing it organically, is improving a piece of the world. He is producing something to eat, which makes him somewhat independent of the grocery business, but he is also enlarging, for himself, the meaning of food and the pleasure of eating.

— Wendell Berry

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