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Here's my inaugural GIGS 2022 website blog.

Updated: May 14, 2022

I'll begin and end as I did on so many LICNY podcasts leading up to our legislative victory almost a year ago when NY legalized cannabis. "Hey ladies & germinators",.. This blog will be running and invigorated regularly here so please for this and so many other reasons you'll discover, stop back often! I been tasked with writing an abbreviated/condensed history of the store. Not hard or complicated really. I've either recited it in person or expressed it by what I've done here at 229 W Dominick st. Rome. Following more than a decade of playing music mostly in hotels & showrooms across the country, I opened my first retail joint ;-) in 1983, buying gold & silver and selling it to buy musical instruments & supplies. That's what I wanted to do, run a music store, so I did, moving and expanding to different locations in Rome and even a 2nd in Oneida. Had a great great run with no regrets. But like most mom & pop/sole proprietor stores internet and big box competition eventually made it much more challenging to stay afloat. So late in 2016, with a hopeful eye on NY potentially legalizing cannabis, a plant I've loved since the 70s I decided to dedicate the back corner of the music store to grow supplies, indoor grow supplies, to grow pot with, like I was already having to drive from Rochester to Albany in order to get what I liked to use. Turned out so were quite a few other musicians. Go figure. they began to buy the soils and nutrients and big ol' light bulbs I was selling and they told other home growers so I ordered more, and more, and branched out to selling pretty much everything people need to grow good weed! Oh I've done my homework, got certified in cannabis fundamentals and cultivation by Green Flower (now offering those studies at SU) and the music store space was just naturally overtaken to the point that after almost 40 years was shut down. I'm 68 this year. This IS my retirement, my passion, my privilege and mission each and every day I have left on the orb. I want to help others discover what i and so many like me are living. ...better lives through the understanding, cultivation, processing and many consumption choices of cannabis. For wellness, to be well, to be free, to endure less pain, sleep better and own our peace both inside and around us. That's what GIGS is about, why GIGS exists and why I close as I did on the podcasts, '"until next time ladies & germinators, Peace aaaaaaand POT!"

g. out

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