Welcome to Gary's Indoor Garden Supply (GIGS) A “cannabis specific” supply destination from seed to consumption.

About GIGS

GIGS was opened in February 2016 to serve the needs of the responsible adult personal use cannabis cultivation community. We carry all things for the indoor cannabis gardener, lighting, tents, soils, air movement, filtration, nutrients, stimulants, containers, meters, and much much more along with a full line of legal, hemp derived cannabinoid products for adult consumption. GIGS is NOT a marijuana dispensary and has no sights on becoming one, rather we seek to help responsible adults circumvent what promises to me a very expensive consumer market simply by growing their own cannabis. The space at 229 W Dominick St. Rome NY is totally dedicated to GIGS now. The music store, after nearly 40 years in operation, is no more. GIGS is well recognized as a local hub of cannabis advocacy and activism, respected and often visited by government officials, local and state.