Welcome to Legal in CNY

What began in 2017 as a late night idea to dip a toe in the pond of public activism and advocacy around cannabis legalization, the Facebook group “Legalize It CNY”(central NY) was born. The regional cannabis community responded loud and clear. People joined, so many that it’s grown to over 2000 members!

This energized founder Gary Colmey to facilitate group responses and actions around the then very contentious legalization battles to be argued and fought until March 2021 when NYS once and for all did it. They legalized weed in NY! 

Image by Alex Haney

And what’s more the FB group LICNY had a voice in one very crucial component of it. …the RIGHT to GROW cannabis at home for personal use! So having won that war the group needed re-branding. Very simple. LICNY “Legal In Central NY” is now recognized as a group dedicated to being the best examples of why cannabis should never have been illegal. Responsible, caring, freedom loving adults from all walks of life who simply like to use a beneficial plant as we see fit.

The LICNY FB has also morphed naturally as an arm of GIGS. Please consider joining the group. You’re going to like it!